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PODCAST – Item #’s B-22 / M-12 – How Al-Anon Works / Just For Today Bookmark

Episode 10 of my “CAL Chat” podcast is now available to listen to!  To hear it, please visit the show’s webpage at: www.calchat.libsyn.com (or you can subscribe to it for free on iTunes, Google Play Music, iHeartRADIO, & now the apps: Stitcher as well as TuneIn — you’ll be notified every time a new episode is posted).

Wendy shares, in part 1 of 4, about using the slogans from Chapter 9 of “How Al-Anon Works” (item # B-22 for hardcover, B-32 for softcover) as stepping stones to serenity & how serenity can eventually become a guiding force in our lives for making decisions.  We also look closer at “Let it Begin With Me” as not just something that we say at the end of an Al-Anon meeting or having to do with outreach.

In part 2 of 4, we focus on “Let Go & Let God” (especially the importance of faith in the 2nd half) & how a specific physical token can be used as a reminder to put this slogan into action!  I give recommendations on other CAL pieces to reference for a deeper dive into the slogans & lastly, find out why I consider slogans are similar to prismatic jewels.

The bookmark, “Just For Today” (M-12), is Wendy’s favorite piece of outreach literature in part 3 of 4.  We talk about the current conversation at Al-Anon’s headquarters, the World Service Office (WSO), regarding the recommendation to remove the PRAYER FOR TODAY section.  Using pages 57 – 60 of the “2016 World Service Conference Summary” (P-46), we explore the CAL process to remove, edit, or replace the prayer.  Wendy shares about the interaction between the Literature Committee & the World Service Conference (WSC) & how it’s important to not be afraid to have uncomfortable discussions that affect literature decisions.

In the last part (#4), Wendy shares what she is hoping for with a new change for the upcoming “2017 World Service Conference Summary” (P-46) due in August & what sets this item apart from the rest of the literature in the CAL Catalog (S-15).  She also reveals a unique location to leave the “Just For Today” bookmark that is too high of a risky spot for me.  Discover what is on the second “Just For Today” bookmark (M-13) & what one word on the wallet card version (M-11) is hidden in our literature!

**BONUS: If you’d like to follow the “CAL Chat” show on Instagram, visit: www.instagram.com/calchatfan1 or you can search by the username: CALChatFan1.  It’s a different way to enjoy Conference Approved Literature.  So, as always, I hope you enjoy & happy reading!

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N. FL Spring Assembly 2014 – Day 2 of 3

S-73 NewWHAT I LEARNED:  Breaking news!  There is a brand new booklet coming out very soon: “Talk to Each Other  – Resolving Conflicts Within Al-Anon” (item # S-73).  This is a service tool that will also be sold as a combo set as item # K-70 that will include 2012’s “Conflict Resolution – Wallet Card” (item # S-71) & 2013’s “Using the Traditions in Conflict Resolution” (item # S-72).  As soon as I have more info, I will update this blog entry & when I actually receive them from the World Service Office I’ll post a notice to my Twitter account: @LDCdistrict6.

**1st UPDATE (5/6/14): As of as today, WSO has told me they do not have a specific date on when this new item will be available.

**2nd UPDATE (5/8/14): Per the WSO, “Al-Anon’s newest service tool, the Using Al-Anon Principles to Resolve Conflicts (item # K-70) kit, was introduced at the 2014 World Service Conference & will be widely available to the membership in July.”

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CAL – Item # M-18 – Alateen Program Wallet Card

M-18WHAT I LEARNED:  Somehow, when I was reviewing the Alateen Newcomer Packet (item # K-18), I must not have seen this small wallet card.  But since I’m now going through the literature chronologically it came up in 1978’s Conference Summary.  Sure it has the Alateen Preamble, 12 Steps, Alateen Traditions, & Serenity Prayer, but the little secret with this wallet card is that even though it came out in 1978, Alateen’s 12 Traditions weren’t officially ratified by the World Service Office until 2009!  See page 368 in Many Voices, One Journey (item # B-31) to find out why


CAL – Item # M-11 – Just For Today (Alateen Wallet Card)

M-11WHAT I LEARNED:  This wallet card came out 15 years after Alateen was started – when they hit the 1,000 groups milestone.  It’s similar to the Alateen Just for Today bookmark (item # M-13), with the exception of one word at the end of the “Thank You God” prayer: Amen.  I rarely ever hear this word in meetings & it struck me that I don’t think I’ve ever come across “amen” in any of our other literature.  But after closer inspection I now see it in all our books – hidden in the word “amends.”



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CAL – Item # M-7 – Al-Anon Basic Program Wallet Card

M-7WHAT I LEARNED:  This wallet card has been around for many moons & it can’t get more basic than this.  It’s got a preamble, all the Steps, Traditions, Concepts, & Warranties you could want, with a little bit of Serenity Prayer mixed in there as well.  Typically it’s the Newcomer groups that buy these cards from me, but I’m sure now that I’ve blogged about it & it’s on my brain, I’ll start seeing them everywhere!  That’s a funny effect that I never expected when I started this “reading” journey   😉

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CAL – Item # M-10 – Just for Today (Wallet Card)

M-10With the help of receiving a CAL timeline from the World Service Office, I’m returning to the literature & have some back-tracking to do…

WHAT I LEARNED: This wallet card has been around since 1954 & I thought given its small size, it would have less on it than the bookmark (item # M-12), but it actually has more.  It has 2 extra sentences – one about the Seventh Tradition & the second refers to the 10 other languages it’s available in.  Hopefully there will come a day when it’s just common knowledge that our CAL will be available in ALL languages.  Where, just like that famous fast food restaurant, we can stop counting & just say “billions served.”

**Bonus: The bookmark version was not printed shortly after the wallet card.  It took 22 more years before it was even proposed as a project for approval!