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N. FL Spring Assembly 2014 – Day 2 of 3

S-73 NewWHAT I LEARNED:  Breaking news!  There is a brand new booklet coming out very soon: “Talk to Each Other  – Resolving Conflicts Within Al-Anon” (item # S-73).  This is a service tool that will also be sold as a combo set as item # K-70 that will include 2012’s “Conflict Resolution – Wallet Card” (item # S-71) & 2013’s “Using the Traditions in Conflict Resolution” (item # S-72).  As soon as I have more info, I will update this blog entry & when I actually receive them from the World Service Office I’ll post a notice to my Twitter account: @LDCdistrict6.

**1st UPDATE (5/6/14): As of as today, WSO has told me they do not have a specific date on when this new item will be available.

**2nd UPDATE (5/8/14): Per the WSO, “Al-Anon’s newest service tool, the Using Al-Anon Principles to Resolve Conflicts (item # K-70) kit, was introduced at the 2014 World Service Conference & will be widely available to the membership in July.”

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CAL – Item # P-16 – To Parents of Alcoholics

P-16Yesterday I finished the Adult Children of Alcoholics Newcomer Packet (item #K-21).  This week there’s only this one pamphlet to read from the Parents’ Newcomer Packet (K-24).  –What I learned about all the other items in this packet can be found in previous entries for the General Newcomer Packet (K-10).

WHAT I LEARNED: This pamphlet is a collection of 7 stories & 8 frequently asked questions from parents about the program.  Although I’m not a parent, the distinction made throughout the readings about being responsible to versus responsible for another person is still relevant.

**BONUS: Recently the Literature Committee recommended creating a brand new pamphlet that addresses parents & grandparents too!   Follow me on Twitter for updates on any new literature: @LDCdistrict6.