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WORKSHOP – Melbourne – Day of Service Workshops

96082be0bcth_writingWHAT I LEARNED: 1. The main reason I went to this event was to attend a Forum Writing Workshop lead by our Area Alternate Delegate.  I thought, “Well, I’ll go, but I don’t have anything to write about.”  Then she mentioned the topic to write about was service work & how whatever I come up with doesn’t have to be perfect or lengthy.  If I have something to say, then I have something to put on paper & submit… & so I did!

2. I learned what a Shoo-Fly pie is!  🙂

**BONUS: All the sharing sheets you could possibly want (including the brand new one for Alateen Talk’s 50th Anniversary for 2014) can now be downloaded directly from the District 6 website by clicking this link: Sharing Forms

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CAL – Item # N/A – Alateen Talk Subscription Form

Alateen Talk Subscription FormWHAT I LEARNED: This is the tenth item in the Alateen Newcomer Packet.  Every registered Alateen group should already be receiving a copy of this quarterly newsletter (that will be the next item I review), but individuals can also order their own personal copy using this form.  It’s $2.50 for a 1-year subscription & if you can’t find this particular form, there’s also one on the last page of the CAL order form (item # S-16) or you can click here to see it on page 15 of our 2013 CAL Catalog (item # S-15): 2013 CAL Catalog

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CAL – Item # S-41 – The Forum Order Form

S-41Ok, ok, you’re probably wondering why I’m reading an order form of all things.  It’s because I wanted to read the entire general Newcomer Packet & this is the eighth item in it.

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. This form mentions that The Forum is the voice of the fellowship today.  …So really this qualifies this magazine as the only hard copy CAL item that can continuously reflect the current times.

2. Even though it’s considered CAL (per page 102 of the Service Manual (P-24/27)), this will be my only entry regarding The Forum.  (I think I would need a separate blog altogether to do justice to all the gems that are in each monthly edition!)

**BONUS: An electronic version of this order form can be printed out from the District 6 website: www.district-6.org