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CAL – Item # P-62 – Does She Drink Too Much?

P-62This is the third pamphlet in the Men’s Newcomer Packet (item # K-23) & it’s the first one I’ve come across that has photos in it – which seems to be a rare thing in our CAL, but I digress…

WHAT I LEARNED:  1. More importantly, I found out the answer to this pamphlet’s title is actually a second follow-up question & it applies to any person, regardless of gender.

2.  I love the second to the last line of the first paragraph on page 7.  In fact, I’m going to write it on the inside of one of my daily readers because it’s so true!

**BONUS:  This isn’t the only pamphlet that has a question for the main title.  (Hint:  see P-9, P-19, P-33, P-35, P-81, & P-89.)


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CAL – Item # P-1 – Al-Anon is for Men

P-1Last week I finished the Parents’ Newcomer Packet (item #K-24).  This week I’m reading the Men’s Newcomer Packet (K-23).

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. I expected this to be full of sharings from men &, as a non-man myself, I thought: “Here’s one pamphlet I know I don’t need to read because I won’t be able to relate to it.”  Well – it wasn’t & I did!  This pamphlet is written for the “breadwinner” that constantly feels the weight of responsibility, is full of pride, & wonders how to belong in a room mostly full of women… which means this pamphlet was written for me too!

2. Over the years, I’ve learned that there could be an alien from another planet in the room & as long as alcoholism is in their life, we can understand each other.   🙂