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Gratitude Lunch – 12/8/18

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. A chair can be your Higher Power because it keeps your ass off the ground!

2. From the “Open letter from an Alcoholic” in the pamphlet “Three Views of Al-Anon (item # P-15), I learned I was doing all the “don’ts!

3. If you’d like to see a pic of my favorite item that was raffled off at this Gratitude Lunch, visit: www.instagram.com/calchatfan1 or search #CALChatFan on Instagram.


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MTG – Ocoee – “Monday Miracles”

WHAT I LEARNED:I did not cause her sobriety any more than I caused her drinking”  quote from the Thanksgiving story “Detaching Was Kind” from the book From Survival To Recovery (item # B-21), page 113.


MTG – Orlando – “Peace Within”

WHAT I LEARNED: When I substitute the phrase “I hope” in place of “I expect,” then it allows me to let go of the outcome & my expectations don’t grow into resentments.  Even better, is when I add at the end of “I hope” this phrase: “and if it doesn’t happen, then I will still be ok.”