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MTG – Orlando – “College Park 12 Step”

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. I can’t work the Steps through sheer willpower, but I can through sheer willingness!

2. For a long time I thought I was a character defect.

3. It was good to hear the six P’s again: Perspective, Pain, Prayer, Patience, Process, & Payoff.  It’s been a while since I’ve heard them. 🙂

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MTG – Orlando – “Easy Does It”

elephant2WHAT I LEARNED: 1. Al-Anon is many things to many people.  It reminds me of the poem, “The Blind Men & the Elephant” by John Godfrey Saxe – only without the disputing of opinions!

2. My favorite line from the book study tonight is from page 107 from Opening Our Hearts, Transforming Our Losses (item #B-29): “Today I know that grief is the price I pay for having loved & having been loved well.”


MTG – Orlando – “Easy Does It”

WHAT I LEARNED: Wise words: “what we resist persists.”  (See page 18 from Opening Our Hearts, surrenderTransforming Our Losses (item #B-29).)  Even wiser words: “Resistance is futile.”  (See probably any sci-fi movie trailer.)  I need to get back to Step One & wave the white flag of surrender.