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N. FL Summer Assembly 2019 – Days 1 – 3

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. I have lost a lot of pain in Al-Anon.

2. Wise people plant trees under whose shade they’ll never sit.

3. We give from the gratitude we’ve already gotten.

4. The alcoholic has not volunteered to get sober.

5. God’s will for me is to stop playing God!

6. Joy is a choice.

7. A slogan is like a pop-up prayer.

8. Service is for me.

9. When I practice the spiritual principles, it keeps you safe!  😉

10. I cannot be in judgement & be compassionate at the same time.

11. The difference between my Higher Power & me is that my Higher Power never thinks she’s me!

12. Replace “should” with “could.”

13. It’s not that we have a “prudent reserve,” but rather an “ample reserve” that is prudent!

14. Tradition 5 is about giving comfort to myself as well!

15. When I think of resources available to me, I need to count my Higher Power as a resource!



N. FL Fall Assembly 2017 – Days 1 – 3

WHAT I LEARNED:  1. When I keep words like: should, shouldn’t, good, bad out of my vocabulary, then I become more grateful.

2. I think that I think too much.

3. It’s important to know the difference between the God of my perception vs the God of my understanding.

4. If I don’t qualify my gratitude list, then it becomes too long & it becomes a chore.

5. Sometimes I just have to say the “F” word “family!”  🙂

6. When I asked my Sponsor about my qualifier, she said “Look in the mirror!”

7. At one time, “detachment” was an outside term.

8. The longer I’m in service, the less I talk.

9. Service is an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself.


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PODCAST – Item #’s P-92 / P-90 – Reaching For Personal Freedom / Best of Public Outreach

Episode 7 of my “CAL Chat” podcast is now available to listen to!  To hear it, please visit the show’s webpage at: www.calchat.libsyn.com (or you can subscribe to it for free on iTunes & Google Play Music as well & you’ll be notified every time a new episode is posted).

p92In part 1 of 5 of Episode 7, Mark shares how he used the workbook “Reaching For Personal Freedom” (item # P-92) in studying the Steps, Traditions, & Concepts horizontally.  He also highlights how a section on page 12 led to a spiritual awakening for him.

Freedom is specifically discussed in part 2 of 5.  He compares this book to other Al-Anon workbooks, explains how it differs, & I reveal a surprise  I’ve created an index for this book!  (It can be downloaded here: Reaching-For-Personal-Freedom_Index-Only.)  Also, find out what patterns I learned about the Legacies from creating an index by downloading this document: Reaching_Index-Words-Repeated.

In part 3 of 5 find out what two words I discovered are inter-related after creating an index for the book.  Mark talks about how he used to be before he came in the program & explores what I call a “big ticket item!”

p-90-newHis favorite piece of literature to use for outreach purposes is the service tool “Best of Public Outreach” (item # P-90) in part 4 of 5.  He shares how public outreach is what first got him into service in Al-Anon & calls out a “Getting Started” part on page 7, as well as pages 12-19 for several lists of outreach ideas.  He also explains how the workbook helped with a big outreach project he was involved with that was done in honor of Al-Anon’s founder, Lois Wilson, & how projects don’t need to be big to be effective.  Lastly, we discuss what it’s like to talk to people that are not familiar with the Al-Anon program.

In part 5 of 5, the conversation continues about Alateen outreach to Alcoholics Anonymous & how service has helped his program.  He shares what moved him emotionally at his first Area Assembly meeting & how it was similar to a Newcomer meeting!  Click this link to find this outreach book online: www.al-anon.org/members/pdf/bestofpublicoutreach.pdf & you can view Al-Anon’s two TV public service announcements here: www.al-anon.org/media-files.  Before wrapping up, Mark explains how being powerless & being hopeless are not the same thing!

**BONUS: If you’d like to follow the “CAL Chat” show on Instagram, visit: www.instagram.com/calchatfan1 or you can search by the username CALChatFan1.  It’s a different way to enjoy Conference Approved Literature.  So, as always, I hope you enjoy & happy reading!

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N. FL Fall Assembly 2016 – Days 1 – 3

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. Happiness is not a goal it’s a by-product of how I live my life.

2. The etymology of the word “confidence” is “con fidelis” which means: “with faith”.

3. I’m confused about my confusion.

4. Dominance happens as long as you allow it to!

smiley_meditation5. this motion too shall pass!  😉