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MTG – Clermont – “Changing Tides”

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. I don’t have to believe everything I think.

2. Love is not just a feeling, but an action!

3. I have to try not to confuse need with love – especially when it comes to chocolate!


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MTG – Orlando – “Courage 2 Be Me Alateen AFG”

WHAT I LEARNED: Some possible new slogans for my collection: 

Let later happen.

“Think and say thanks from AlateenA Day At A Time (item # B-10), page 7 (January 7th).


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**I’m happy to announce a new spin-off podcast show called “CAL Chat–DEEP DIVE” which will focus on a single piece of literature over a series of episodes.  The first one will feature the 4th Step Inventory workbook “Blueprint For Progress” (item # P-91).  Here’s a sneak-peek look at the new show’s logo.  Stay tuned for more info…**