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CAL – Item # G-40 – Al-Anon Websites


G-40WHAT I LEARNED: 1. There is no such thing as “Conference Approved” text to use on Al-Anon websites, therefore it’s not necessary for all sites to use the same wording.  Freedom!  Whoo-hoo!  Ha ha ha. 🙂

2. I understand that links on an Al-Anon site to non-Al-Anon sites would give the appearance of affiliation & are to be avoided (per a few of our Traditions), but it got me wondering what non-Al-Anon sites have links back to Al-Anon!  HmmmSmiley Onine

**BONUS: An electronic version of this guideline can now be downloaded directly from the District 6 website by clicking this link: District 6 Website


2 thoughts on “CAL – Item # G-40 – Al-Anon Websites

  1. Thanks for prompting me to read this Guideline. Wish and don’t wish that regulations were stronger. How’s is that for wishy-washy? Seriously, the cyberage is kinda scary.

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