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CAL – Item # G-34 – Alateen Safety Guidelines


G-34WHAT I LEARNED: 1. According to this Alateen Guideline, any reporting of child abuse is done on a personal basis, not as an Alateen Sponsor or an AMIAS (an Al-Anon Member Involved in Alateen Service).  This is done with Tradition 10 in mind to keep the fellowship out of public controversy!

2. Even though I’m not a certified Alateen Sponsor, I can still serve Alateen by letting parents know of Alateen meetings in the area, discuss Alateen literature in Al-Anon meetings, & bring material with me to public outreach functions.  In fact, some of my biggest selling items at an AA Gratitude Dinner was the information on Alateen!

**BONUS: An electronic version of this guideline can now be downloaded directly from the District 6 website by clicking this link: District 6 Website


2 thoughts on “CAL – Item # G-34 – Alateen Safety Guidelines

  1. Alateen is a wonderful journey for young people. It is part of an adult program that puts people on the road to recovery. Imagine if I had started as a teen or even a tween! Alateen sponsorship is a unique way of getting busy and getting better. It’s In Your Face. The honesty overwhelms us.

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