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CAL – Item # G-36 – Group Records Coordinator

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G-36WHAT I LEARNED: 1. This job seems to be a lot of checking & double-checking on the status of groups (more so than I ever thought)!  And much like any of the other Coordinator positions, they’re a link between WSO & the Districts in the Area.  What I found really interesting though is that this Guideline mentions that some Areas have different criteria for registering groups than World Service.  I would have thought the process would be exactly the same, but there are several reasons listed why it’s not!

2. My favorite quote from this Guideline is: “As with any other service position in Al-Anon, the greatest skill a member can offer is his or her willingness.”

**BONUS: An electronic version of this guideline can now be downloaded directly from the District 6 website by clicking this link: District 6 Website


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