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CAL – Item # AV-16 / AV-19 – Alateen Tells It Like It Is / Walk This Path of Hope

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AV-16 AlateenWHAT I LEARNED: 1. Alateen Tells It Like It Is came out in 1987 & according to past Conference Summaries, it’s a 16-minute video illustrated by a teenager that provides a glimpse into the lives of Alateen members.  It deals with denial, anonymity, detachment, acceptance, & love.  Walk This Path of Hope was produced in 1989 featuring Al-Anon & Alateen members sharing their experiences of meetings in institutions such as hospitals & prisons.  It was considered an “audiovisual tool to help increase Institutions service work.”

2. Both outreach videos were discontinued in 1999 & I have not been able to find them online.  I’m still on the hunt but am looking for help!  If you have any info, please feel free to leave me a reply or comment!


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