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CAL – Item # AV-10 – Al-Anon Speaks For Itself

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Speaks For ItselfWHAT I LEARNED:  1. In 1986, Al-Anon’s first outreach film helped carry the message to teachers, the clergy, the media, social workers, counselors, & other professionals.  The 15-minute program was broken into 5 sections: 1) The Way It Was, 2) Going to a Meeting, 3) Getting Better, 4) Getting To Know the Program & 5) Getting on With Life.  It was discontinued in 1999 because “it was generally agreed that the video was too long in this era of information.”  However, WSO posted it to YouTube in 2007 but I could only find it from Nassau County’s AIS website: Al-Anon Speaks For Itself

2. My favorite line: “Al-Anon is a very simple program for very complicated people.”

vil_koala**BONUS: Per the 1996 Conference Summary, what country was approached by Blockbuster Video to put the Al-Anon Speaks for Itself video in their stores?  (Hint: Think koala bears & “G’day mate!”)



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