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CAL – Item # P-64 – Alateen’s 4th Step Inventory


P-64WHAT I LEARNED: 1. This 4th Step workbook focuses on 6 key areas: Attitudes, Self-Esteem, Love, Responsibility, Feelings, & Relationships.  Each section has 4-5 sharings, 2 cartoons, 8 questions, & best of all, pages to draw!  I can’t remember the last time I drew what my feelings looked like  (I probably used a lot of black markers!)  But it’s this right-brain approach to the 4th Step that is so refreshing & may lead to tapping into things that didn’t make it on my inventory list initially.  Sure, it’s an Alateen book, but that doesn’t mean it’s off limits to me.  I only look like an adult on the outside.   😉

2. I also like that the answers available for the questions include “Not Sure” as an option.  For a person like myself that grew up feeling it was my responsibility to have all the answers, it’s nice to know that not knowing is perfectly ok.


2 thoughts on “CAL – Item # P-64 – Alateen’s 4th Step Inventory

  1. Drawing my feelings. Mmmm….I do have that book – must take a look and see if now I can “draw” my feelings.

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