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CAL – Item # B-25 – Having Had a Spiritual Awakening…

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B-25WHAT I LEARNED: 1. This is AFG’s first e-book that came out recently, but I don’t own an e-reader, so I had to check-out the discontinued hardcover book from our District’s Archivist.  We have so few books with pictures & this one does – but they’re all in black & white.  The e-reader version though has the full color pics.  Call me kooky, but I think it makes a difference.

2. Based on the title, I thought this book was going to all be about the 12th Step & carrying the message – nope!  It’s all about the 11th Step!  The sharings explore different ways to understand a Higher Power as well as how conscious contact is experienced.  For example, for some it’s through a poem, a song, a walk on the beach, or by being in a meeting, or found in the literature…  But to me, the best thing is that each sharing is identified by the member’s country & it’s nice to know that, in a small way, I’m linked to a person that feels the same way I do who lives in Lithuania, Iceland, & Poland!


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