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CAL – Item # B-3 – Alateen–Hope for Children of Alcoholics

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B-3WHAT I LEARNED:  1. Alateen began in 1957, but they didn’t have their first hardcover book until this one came out in 1973.  Its origins were a pamphlet (which has been discontinued) & it was expanded to now have sections for Steps, Traditions, Slogans, Personal Stories, & an Alateen Timeline.

2. At 120 pages, it’s a quick read & a good general overview of Alateen.  I would say it’s written more in a matter-of-fact style, rather than matters-of-the-heart (it didn’t affect me as emotionally as Courage to Be Me (item # B-23)).  Plus, there are no drawings from 9 & 10 year olds in it, so I don’t think teens in highschool would feel “talked down to” when reading this.

**Bonus:  When reading this book I thought, “Have I read this already?”  It turns out it seemed familiar because it’s quoted quite a bit in the “Things to Think About” section of the Alateen daily reader I blogged about last week.  It shows up 32 times!


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