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CAL – Item # S-25 – Did you Grow up With a Problem Drinker?

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S-25WHAT I LEARNED:  This is the sixth item in the Adult Children of Alcoholics Newcomer Packet & is a personal favorite of mine.  When I first came into the program I was given this leaflet & I remember secretly answering “Yes” to all 20 questions.  It spooked me because I thought “How can someone – whoever created this questionnaire – that has never met me, know me better than my own family?”  Today I’m glad I got a chance to re-read this after all these years because now I can answer “No” & “Sometimes” to a few questions since I’ve gotten a bit better.  I’ll definitely be using this leaflet as a barometer in the future as well!

**BONUS:  All the other items in this ACOA packet were already covered in my posts from a couple of weeks ago for the General Newcomer Packet.  …Next up – the Parents’ Newcomer Packet.

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