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CAL – Item # S-69 – Al-Anon Family Groups Welcomes Adult Children of Alcoholics


S-69WHAT I LEARNED:  1. In the Adult Children of Alcoholics Newcomer Packet, this is the third pamphlet & it features 10 mini sharings interspersed with other AFG info.

2. This is the first pamphlet I’ve seen that shows separate info for a 2nd headquarters – in Canada!  (Which looks like it just had an address change with the new design layout that came out last year).  After a little research, this other headquarters’ location in Ottawa was required to make AFG a legal non-profit organization in Canada, but apparently this office is unmanned & the phone calls are re-routed to the main US office in Virginia.

4 thoughts on “CAL – Item # S-69 – Al-Anon Family Groups Welcomes Adult Children of Alcoholics

  1. Hi Pat!
    I wonder what the status is in other English speaking countries such as England and Australia and other courntries.

    Thanks for the interesting post.


    • I’m glad you asked! Per the Service Manual (item #P-24/27), other countries have either a national service committee, or for larger needs a General Service Office (GSO). For a list of their offices (such as for the UK or Australia) visit: AFG International. Every 2 years there’s an International Al-Anon General Services Meeting (IAGSM) – the most recent one was October of 2012 in South Africa. At the IAGSM, suggestions & recommendations are given to the International Coordination Committee (ICC) which is the link between these countries & the World Service Office (WSO) as well as the World Service Conference (WSC) where decisions are ultimately made for the good of Al-Anon as a whole – per Tradition #1! If you’d like to see updates on what other countries are doing see the WSC Summary (item #P-46) or visit: AFG Members’ Site to view past Summary archives.

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