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CAL – Item # P-32 – This is Al-Anon

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P-32 At a recent Gratitude Dinner, the emcee quickly came up to me & asked for something that she could have at the podium that included the Serenity Prayer, Steps, Traditions, Concepts, Warranties & AFG Declaration.  I said I had just the perfect thing!  Rather than give her a book, I gave her this pamphlet.  And because it also has the AFG Welcome, Ideas for Newcomers, a Guide for Living, Slogans, & Closing, whenever I attend a meeting & the group doesn’t have access to their binder to open the meeting, this pamphlet comes to the rescue!

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. Re-reading the Welcome in this pamphlet made me realize that AFG’s 12 Steps are “adapted” from AA.  For the longest time in meetings, I always thought I heard the word as “adopted.”

2. I’m counting this pamphlet as the last item of the general Newcomer Packet – although I didn’t see it at first.  It was only when I turned the Packet over & read the very back that I saw this was the only pamphlet referenced on it, so therefore I’m truly finished reading the entire Packet – literally front to back!  Ha ha. 😛  Onto the other newcomer packets…  Stay tuned!


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