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CAL – Item # P-13 – Purpose & Suggestions


P-13WHAT I LEARNED:  1. Lois & Anne wrote this as AFG’s very first pamphlet in 1952.  Interestingly, its title used to be “Purposes & Suggestions.”  According to The Al-Anon Family Groups (Classic Edition) (B-5), the title was changed in 1976 affirming only 1 purpose (see Tradition #5).  …Makes me curious what the other purposes were listed in this pamphlet for more than 20 years.  I’ll check to see if our District Archives Chairperson has a copy of this pamphlet in its original form, but if you have any info, please feel free to leave me a reply or comment.

2. This pamphlet is the epitome of gentle informativeness (…sure that’s a real word).   No wonder that it’s the second pamphlet in the Newcomer’s Packet.  What’s the first pamphlet in the Packet?   I think I’ll keep moving along with what else is included in the Packet because I don’t recall ever really reading through it all when I was a Newcomer!

**UPDATE (7/1/13): As far as why the word “Purposes” was plural, there is a breakdown of AFG’s original threefold purposes & a comment about their specific order of importance mentioned in Lois Remembers (B-7) – see page 189.


2 thoughts on “CAL – Item # P-13 – Purpose & Suggestions

  1. What a coincidence…..At the Just For Today AFG Wed am mtg. our topic for the day was Tradition 5. It was mentioned that in the recent book Many Voices, One Journey (B-31), page 189 talks about when the Policy Committee made the change to that pamphlet (P-13). The Committee decided this in light of Tradition Five. Looking at the Index of the Many Voices, One Journey on Tradition Five were a few additional pages shedding some light pertaining to Tradition Five. What a fascinating book for getting a new perspective on the earlier days of Al-Anon. Thx for the opportunity to share …. Martha

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